First Athabascan Baby Belt

My Clowns

Capt. Spaulding and other bead embroidered clowns

Necronomicon medallion

First jacket panel

Cherub Filigree Wall Mirror

Fire Hand Bag

Dollshead Walking Staff

Alaskan Fireweed Wall Mirror

Cloud Motif Purse

Four Directions Handbag

Second Baby Belt

Cloudberry Wall Mirror

Skull Flask

Sequin Flag

Scissors Cases

Small Wall Mirrors

Space Aliens

That's Fucked Up Wall Mirror

Wild Alaskan Roses Wall Mirror

Yellow Garden Wall Mirror

Ryuk Bag Charm

Red Floral Star Wall Mirror

Purple Pansies Wall Mirror

Purple Butterfly Hair Barrette

Polar Bear Ball Cap

Pagan Rose Hair Stick

Rainbow Dollface Octagon Wall Mirror

The Pirate King of A-Town Wall Mirror

Alaskan Rose Hair Barrettes

Blue Flower Wall Mirror

Cloud Crown Dollface Wall Mirror

Cloudberry Earrings

Fire in Paradise Wall Mirror

Alaskan Fireweed Hair Stick

Flowers & Leaves Wall Mirror

Alaskan Forget-Me-Not Wall Mirrors

More Hair Barrettes

Happy Rainbow Raincloud Hair Barrette

Himalayan Bloom Wall Mirror