Second Athabascan Baby Belt

OOAK - Second Baby Belt

This is my second ever Athabascan style baby belt. I just love Icelandic poppies so I decided to make some poppy motifs for this belt. I decided I am going to make a baby belt to give to each of my three children. Although I never used one of these belts before, I thought it would be nice to make something traditional to pass down to my kids. I haven't started my third one yet - I think I may use berries for that one. As of today (9/26/21) I have not found a good backing material. I don't have any smoked moosehide. The beadwork book I've seen these baby belts in says a lot of beadwork from back in the day was mounted on something called broadcloth. I think I will draw up and bead the third belt and then figure out what type of backing to use for both of them.