Free embroidery and knit patterns

Embroidery Patterns Coming Soon!

Coming soon! I am currently working on my first book of embroidery patterns based on some of the bead embroidery I have done. It started out as a sketchbook entry for the Sketchbook Project. I never did finish my book and they may not even be taking entries anymore. I registered my book but never finished it. I am still plugging away at it and once it's done, I'll scan it myself.

Cross-Stitch Patterns

This is my first ever cross stitch pattern. It's free since it's my first one and I'm not sure if my coloring is correct. The design program I used may not be calibrated to the actual floss colors. For now, here is a PDF guide to DMC floss colors and their closest RGB/CMYK equivalents I could find. I created this by sampling photos of DMC flosses in Adobe Illustrator. These may not be exact, but for designing purposes may work. Free Download!: DMC floss to RGB - CMYK - Hex More to come!

Free Alaskan King Salmon Cross-stitch Pattern PDF. This pattern is 22 pages and has 1/4" grids with symbols.The file is 24 mb - I couldn't figure out how to shrink the file size. Pattern is free for personal use - NOT to sell as a pattern of your own - you can sell the finished embroidered pieces though.

Alaskan King Salmon Cross-stitch Pattern - free

Knitting Patterns

squid game free knitted hat pattern
Squid Game Knitted Hat - Free PDF knit pattern
This hat pattern was inspired by the Netflix series Squid Game, a series based on rich people betting on which human players will survive deadly contests based on childrens schoolyard games. The symbols on this hat are from the candy game in which the contestants were tasked with trimming a round candy down to the stamped shape without breaking the candy. The contestants were given a needle to use as a carving tool. The larger center shape is the squid game play grid that is drawn on the ground similar to hop scotch.

I Want to Believe free knitted hat pattern
I Want to Believe Hat
This hat was inspired by the poster seen in the office space of agent Fox Mulder in the TV series The X-Files.This series is about two agents Mulder and Scully, who investigate paranormal and extra-terrestrial cases known as the X-files.

'tis but a scratch knitted hat pattern

Black Knight Just a Flesh Wound knitted hat pattern
Monty Python's The Black Knight Knitted Hat Pattern

El Duderino - free knitted hat pattern
The Dude free knitted hat pattern
El Duderino Knitted Hat Pattern Sheets

Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman Knitted hat pattern
Bigfoot Knitted Hat Pattern

This hat can be made in different color patterns to create either a Bigfoot aka Sasquatch or Abominable Snowman aka Yeti style hat.