life on earth

Welcome to this section of my website that is dedicated to life on Earth. More specifically, the plantae kingdom. I will eventually add other kingdoms, such as the fungi, but for now we'll just have to make due with these hundreds of thousands of species. I am slowly naming these plant photos and adding them to each family photo album. When possible, I have also shared other interesting sites and art pertaining to that plant family. (Latest Update: 2/18/18)

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Angiosperm Families

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Floral Artists:

Feature your floral pieces and projects here!

wild alaskan rose hair barettes

Pieces and projects must feature just one plant family or specific species. I am creating a giant collective of plant photos and art organized by family. If you would like your work(s) to be featured on any of these pages, contact me for submission details.

OOAK - purple pansy wall mirror