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Welcome to this section of my website that is dedicated to life on Earth. More specifically, the plantae kingdom. I will eventually add other kingdoms, such as the fungi, but for now we'll just have to make due with these hundreds of thousands of species. I am slowly naming these plant photos and adding them to each family photo album. When possible, I have also shared other interesting sites and art pertaining to that plant family. (Latest Update: 2/18/18)

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Angiosperm Families

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Floral Artists:

Feature your floral pieces and projects here!

wild alaskan rose hair barettes

Pieces and projects must feature just one plant family or specific species. I am creating a giant collective of plant photos and art organized by family. If you would like your work(s) to be featured on any of these pages, contact me for submission details.

OOAK - Second Baby Belt
Poppy, Brooklyn Reblooming

Poppy, Brooklyn Reblooming

Bred in Holland, this special variety produces bold deep rosy-pink flower with dark highlights in the center. The spectacular 6" flowers open in early summer and may bloom again in late summer. Grows 30" tall in sunny garden areas. Deer resistant.