Latest update: 1/12/22

Welcome to my website. I just started this site, so I'll be adding features as quick as I can. For now, I am adding my past works onto my portfolio page. I will be adding an online store and patterns soon.

Why the name echoforsberg? A long time ago when I first signed up for Ebay, my name was already taken and they suggested it. I liked how it sounded and it just stuck - I use it on all my onlone profiles - so why not name my actual business echoforsberg too!

For new project updates, you can follow me on Twitter, Ello, or Discord (#8818).

Embroidery Expansion Project

Crafty AF embroidery patch

I've decided to expand my skills to include more forms of embroidery besides bead embroidery. I've dabbled a little with regular embroidery but never tried to learn all the stitches or types. For exploring types and techniques of embroidery I have been watching Sarah Homfray's You Tube videos. She covers a variety of embroidery topics. For more on this visit my Embroidery Expansion Project Page

New technique: Jewelry Chain as an Embroidery Material

jewelry chain as an embroidery material detail

New technique: Fake Fur or Hair

Oscar the Grouch brooch

New technique: Dentalium Shell Teeth

new bead embroidery technique: dentalium shell teeth

New technique: Single Bead Background Fill

single bead fill technique